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Let me welcome you to the wonderful world of no risk betting. I have practised this since the 1990’s, but due to living in the UK, I have witnessed offers decline, and I predict the same to happen in the USA Matched Betting and USA Arbitrage betting scene. Read on to see how you can profit from OddsJam no risk matched betting strategy, when Matched betting in USA. 


Please note, if you live in the UK, you can still enjoy the free version of OddsJam, they have a tasty set of calculators, so why not try here. 


No risk betting with OddsJam 


Wouldn’t it be nice if you could spend all day buying items at a lower price and selling them for more later in the day? 


Well, to be honest, I spent most of last decade doing just that. However, except from buying low and selling high I would buy bets from a bookmaker at high odds and selling for lower odds on a betting exchange such as Betfair. 


I’m a professional arber, which is short for “arbitrage bettor”,matched bettor and trader from United Kingdom, and have spent over thirty years betting. I worked in the betting industry in the 1990’s and early 2000’s for several betting-based roles. 


The UK used to be plentiful with betting offers, but gradually over the twenty years, since Betfair was born in year 2000, offers from bookmakers gradually started to decline. 


USA Matched Betting and Arbitrage – No risk betting OddsJam 



With the recent legislative process getting fully underway in USA, the USA Betting scene is now buzzing, just like the UK market was. However, it is inevitable that the USA market will head the same way as the UK did. 





How to do USA Matched betting using OddJam 


If you live in the USA, do not hesitate. Even if you don’t really know what you’re doing get some practice in. There is a new company in USA that is aimed to help the USA Matched Betting scene, welcome Oddsjam. 



How to use OddsJam to profit – OddsJam Matched Betting 


I will use the terminology in dollars, based on what I have done in the UK when matched betting and arbitrage betting. 


Basically, I look at the odds boosts across the sites and see if there’s an opportunity to profit from arbitareg betting with them and start my day with a good few free dollars. However, this can be time consuming, especially if you’re not used to it. 


Welcome OddsJam matched betting USA  


When I first took OddsJama betting tools website for a FREE TRIAL, the first thing that popped out at me was their arbitrage page, that consisted of literally hundreds of selections that I could profit from, each and every day! 


No risk betting brought by OddJam was created by a handful of Stanford grads who had previously mastered the hard grind of stocks and shares derivatives markets, so they were no slouches to the trading game. 


OddJam arbitrage software 


So, I fired up my free trial of OddJam software, using the OddsJam promo code. OddsJam no risk betting software is constantly running through a mind-boggling array of different markets every 10 seconds at sportsbooks around the globe, making its best efforts point out arbitrage opportunities, which it does beautifully. I am very well versed to using eurozone-based arbitrage betting softwares and found OddsJam matched betting software very easy to use. I say matched betting, as it is called matched betting in UK, but you will typically hear terms like: OddsJam sure betting, OddsJam arbitrage betting, no risk betting OddsJam or even OddsJam no risk matched betting strategy 


It doesn’t really matter, at the ned of the day, as they all essentially mean the same thing and they all profit well. 


Here’s what OddsJam no risk betting software founder said, “We’re processing about a million odds every 10 seconds,”. “In an average week, there are about 5,000 arbitrage opportunities. We will display everything, all the way down to .001%.” 

The arbitrage opportunities are listed in ROI order, so subscribers — the basic plan is $79 per month — can easily see where the money is at. Monahan said if you bet every single arbitrage opportunity presented, it would net an average return of a little less than 1%. 


“We’re processing about a million odds every 10 seconds,” said Alexander Monahan, the co-founder and COO. “In an average week, there are about 5,000 arbitrage opportunities. We will display everything, all the way down to .001%.” 

The arbitrage opportunities are listed in ROI order, so subscribers — the basic plan is $79 per month — can easily see where the money is at. Monahan said if you bet every single arbitrage opportunity presented, it would net an average return of a little less than 1%. 

“We’re talking 75,000 odds at any one time, and it’s not a high percentage of markets that have arbitrage opportunities. It’s a small fraction but based on how many markets there are and how many books, there’s just a ton of opportunity,” he said. 


OddsJam USA Matched betting profits 


If you think all that sounds good, please bear in mind, it’s not just arbitrage opportunities at OddsJam you benefit from. Oddsjam arbing software is a full suite of betting tools, from bet tracking to calculators to one of, if not the most, exhaustive collection of odds out there. Pick a game, and it will take you to a page where every prop listed by the books is accessible to click and compare. Line shopping made easy. 


As you’ve probably guessed, you can still perform no risk matched betting USA without the software, but it will take a whole load more of time, let OddsJam do the work for you! 


Not only that, the OddsJam arbitrage software comes with FREE and premium version. 



“OddsJam provides tools to add value to users’ lives,” Founder Alex Monahan recently said. “The quantity of sportsbooks is insane, the amount of data these sportsbooks have is insane. Like BET MGM, if you look at their site, in just one MLB game you have like 500 odds, alternate run lines, alternate props, everything. We compile it all and break it down.” cHECK OUT bovada BELOW.




If it sounds like this recent start-up is trying to replicate fellow USA betting software company and website Don Best, well … that’s because it probably is! Except OddsJam feel they are already doing the job better, and to add to that, they’ve only just started! 


OddsJam has an “industry” plan that is even more robust. 

“We are competing with Don Best directly, and we already have some customers who use the product and say it compares favorably,” Monahan recently said when interviewed. 


While OddsJam arbing software founder Monahan would like to become the default screen for professional bettors, and matched betting USA players, the company’s mission and imminent goal is to help educate the everyday layman bettors, the non-pros and help us to squeeze a few dimes out of the USA sportsbooks’ pocketbooks. 


After all, as we stressed above, this WILL NOT LAST – Just as it did not in UK. 


OddsJam arbitrage betting – What are you waiting for 


OddsJam sure betting software software founder also added the comments below. 

“How can we teach people these basic concepts, like line shopping, getting the best odds, finding arbitrage opportunities?” 


 “It seems pretty intuitive to people who recognize it. I mean, if you go to the store and there are three cans of the same exact soup but one is being offered for a dollar cheaper, you take that can of soup. But there is very little, if any, good information out there [in the sports betting space]. A lot of sports betting content is handicapping, not the mathematical bent like you get in DFS stuff, and largely run by handicappers who aren’t making money and are selling picks. It’s hard to find good content and good tools.” 


According to the OddsJam matched betting founder, he said how the realization came as he was working on Wall Street as a trader and saw some of his work friends and colleagues getting into the world of legalized sports betting. They all noted the lack of analytical tools available.  


The same thing happened in the UK. I have personally been strategical betting including matched betting, arbitrage, and value betting since the 1990’s and 2000’s. Until the mid 2000’s there were no tools similar to the OddsJam matched betting tools and OddsJam arbing software. We had to calculate these bets ourselves, which was quite hard at first and, of course, very time consuming. But like the OddsJam arbing software founder says below, it is not hard, when you have the software. 


Alex said, “This isn’t rocket science, but people who use our product are more serious about making money, have more sportsbook accounts, and are more mathematical in their approach,” Monahan said. “We’re for people coming into the sports betting world who are sharp but not professionals, have day jobs, aren’t depending on this for a living, but want some tools. We saw the opportunity there.” 


OddsJam no risk betting software – final thoughts 


It seems like history is repeating itself. 

Why do I keep stressing this? Well, because until the 00’s and early 2010’s there was not the wide choice of matched betting and arbitrage betting software’s in UK available. Why? Because everyone did not know about. 


During the late 00’s Profit maximiser came, then OddsMonkey, then Profit Accumulator in the 2010’s, just to name the main ones in UK. You can grab a free trial for them on the links above, if your country permits you to use them. 


No risk betting USA – Why it has a shelf life 


We predict the same will happen to USA Matched betting, USA arbitrage betting and USA no risk betting. Once more companies like OddsJam no risk betting arrive, the more people will know. 


The more people that know about USA Matched betting suing OdsdJam, the more people that are doing no risk betting using OddsJam. The outcome will result in USA sportsbook offers gradually declining, just as they did in UK. 


OddsJam USA Matched betting – what to do next  


DO NOT HESTATE! Join here on their FREE SOFTWARE PACKAGE, then use the paid version if you like it. You do not have to wait until BETFAIR. You can simply take a value betting approach or a dutching approach. 

Please be sure to subscribe to our newsletter, where we will keep you updated with the USA Matched betting scene.  


Oh, and don’t forget to subscribe to our USA No risk betting YouTube channel: We have a bigger channel, PIPBETS, which is based in UK, where you can find hundreds of videos, displaying how this was done in UK, many of the same principles apply. 


Enjoy the profits … while they last! 



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